Josette Pagán Lluch is a multifacetic and conscious visionary leader proven as a strategic and results driven consultant with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in the private, public and non profit sectors. She specializes in media crisis management, problem solving, business development, public affairs and social advocacy.

A decisive businesswoman, team-player and topnotch networker with a proven track record, Josette is an out of the box thinker that believes in evolving organizations through proactive, preventive and profitable strategies that achieve extraordinary results. However, if you happen to get into trouble, her brilliant media “crisis vanishment” expertise will get you back on the right track.

Josette is also the creator of Truquitos Caseros® or TrueKeyTOS (True Key To Onhand Solutions) and author of three best selling books about practical solutions to everyday situations that promote healthier lifestyles in the areas of health, beauty and the household. She has become a popular media personality, international blogger and speaker. She also performs voice overs and acting.

A committed philanthropist, she collaborates with world-class leaders and supports various causes and organizations. Her intention is to act as a cohesive force that supports and joins leaders, local and global organizations, causes and the media to create profitable strategies and communications that promote a sustainable economic development and positively impact communities and the planet.

Josette was recognized in 2012 by Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Customer Service, is certified by the board of publicists of Puerto Rico, and is active member of: Association of Publicists of PR, Association of Sales & Marketing Executives of PR, Women’s Leadership Council of PR (Founding Member), National Association of Professional Women, International Women’s Leadership Association, PR Chamber of Commerce, PR3000 (World Economic Forum Partner), International Competitiveness Institute of PR, Women Who Lead and Mujer Emprende. She graduated from The American University in Washington D.C. and Spain in International Studies.


Business Innovation Strategist

Media Crisis Vanishment

Ingenious Public Relations

Social Causes & Media Advocacy

Remarkable Events

Public Speaker

Voice Over Talent

For questions about a service or combination of services please send me a message.


I have had the pleasure of working with the following organizations:

  • Action Service
  • Aileen Soo Feng Shui
  • Animedical Clinic
  • Asoc. Radiodifusores PR
  • Banco Popular de PR
  • Baxter
  • B. Fernández & Hnos.
  • Capitol Security
  • Caribe Tropical
  • Carla’s Sweets
  • Centro Radiológico del Caribe
  • Ciencia PR
  • Coalición Sector Privado
  • Comstat Rowland
  • Condado Med Spa
  • Consejo Renal de PR
  • ECCO
  • EcoEléctrica, L.P.
  • EKO Publicidad
  • GANAR Org.
  • Hospital Oriente
  • Instit. de Competitividad
  • Internacional de PR
  • Inst. Radioterapia del Este
  • KAI
  • Kiki Kokí
  • Laboratorios Clendo
  • MER
  • Natural Awakenings
  • Papá Jaime Jaramillo
  • PDC
  • Pfizer
  • Pravan Health Group
  • PR Business Link
  • Plastic Free Org
  • PR Film Society
  • PR Science Trust
  • Sierra Bender
  • Sistema VIVA
  • TransCaribe Shipping Co.
  • Univ. Interamericana PR
  • Walgreens


The possibilities are endless.